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I want her car.

Debra KristiToday self-described geek-girl Debra Kristi, who drives around in a 1962 Buick Skylark (jealous!), Debra's Skylarkgifted me with The Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks, Debra! She and I met as students of one of Kristen Lamb’s social media classes.

Versatile Blogger AwardA few rules go along with accepting the award. I have to thank the person who shared the award with me and link back to her in my acceptance post, tell my readers seven things about myself and then pass the award on to fourteen fellow bloggers. Here we go:

  1. I did not want to learn to read. I wanted to run outside and play. (I still do.)
  2. Immediately after learning, when I was seven and in first grade, I read all of Edgar Allan Poe. This may have permanently affected my psyche.
  3. I wrote my first story in first grade and the teacher rejected it (I didn’t want to write it and turned it in a day late). This prepared me for the writing life.
  4. After I wrote the story, I realized I could read it. Stories came from somewhere! I could make them! Since life as a kid was so boring, fiction had to be better. I’ve been writing fiction ever since. (But I still want to run outside and play.)
  5. Hmm, let’s see… My dad wanted me to be a doctor and practice in Africa. I was interested in medicine, but looked down at my semi-crippled left hand and could hardly visualize myself trying to do surgery. Nope. Good thing, because I’m convinced I would’ve been the first white female doctor to die of AIDS. I remember reading the obituary of Dr. Grethe Rask, the Danish physician who was that first white female. I stared at her photo in the newspaper and shivered. That was going to be me.
  6. Time-warp ahead. Recently a cousin I hadn’t seen in decades told me that our maternal grandmother, who’d brought her up, was part Seneca. The Seneca people were one of the tribes of the Iroquois League (Haudenosaunee). Put that together with my dad’s part-Tatar/Mongol ancestry, and my heritage reaches around the world.
  7. My husband and I weren’t born in Texas, but we got here as fast as we could.

Now to pass the torch–I mean, the award–on to another fourteen bloggers:

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Now it’s your turn, Jennette, Lena, Annette, Patricia, Mariam, Elena, CC, Rabia, Carrie, M J, Patrick, Julie, Rob and Cora. Link back here, tell your readers seven things about yourself and then pass the award on to fourteen fellow bloggers.

Have fun!

By S.J. Driscoll