Some people just won’t leave you alone!

You know the kind. You’re at your desk in your office, deep in your work, suitably harried, and they yell at you to come out. Lock the door and they crawl in through the window. Throw your arms around your computer and they drag you away kicking and screaming, sandals flying, power cord flopping, trackball marble bouncing down the stairs.

Alicia Street, Lynn Kelley and Rachel Funk Heller, I give up! I’ll play the Lucky 7 Meme. Thanks for asking.

These are the rules:

1) Go to page 77 of your current manuscript.

2) Go to line 7.

3) Find and post the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs.

4) Tag another 7 writers and drag them away from whatever they were doing—I mean, let them know.

Since I’ve written only short stories in the last year, I had to dig up my novel (hmm, must get back to that) to find something that had 77 pages. Here are 7 manuscript lines:

Trey looked up, feeling the satisfaction he’d get from forcing Beck to admit his dirty deeds. “I know how much a quarter of a million dollars is.”

Beck recoiled, puzzled. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That’s how much Dad got his hands on three years ago.” Trey shoved back his chair. “What sort of illegal doings did you get him involved in?”

The only thought Trey had—which surprised him—before Beck’s fist laid him out on the floor was that there was no way he’d raise his hand against his brother.

Now it’s my turn to tag another 7 writers. On your mark, get set:

Jane Myers Perrine     Julia Indigo     Charis Maloy     Kana Tyler

Karen McFarland     Reeta Raitanen     Gretchen Rix

21 thoughts on “Some people just won’t leave you alone!

  1. Jane Myers Perrine

    Okay, here it is: “Not much for small talk. Don’t supposed you know anything about epidemiology?”

    I’d give more, but that’s the only good part on the page. Does it make you want to read more? That’ from THE WEDDING PLANNERS OF BUTTERNUT CREEK.


  2. Eden

    All these memes…. all these writers being teases online. 😉

    That was a cute sample. Thanks for posting it. (And for reminding me that I have a Lucky 7 post to do in the next week…)

    So, barring cloning, I guess you’ll just have to get back to that novel. Hope to see more about it in the future.

  3. Karen McFarland

    Ooh, I loved that little morsel you gave us Sally. Now to read the rest of it when it’s done! Thanks! 🙂

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