Serena Dracis: Between Lives? Don’t Micromanage the Universe

Being Between: a series about moving from our current day jobs and life situations toward our true vocations and life goals.

In this fifth installment of the Being Between series, Serena Dracis shares her three-step plan of how to work with the gods when they push you into a new life.

Thank you, Sally for inviting me to guest post on your blog! I’m thrilled and honored to be taking part in this series; it’s a subject near and dear to my heart.

Recently I wrote about reincarnation, a subject I love and will probably revisit again and again. If you have a chance and are interested in the topic, I invite you to hop on over and check it out.

Do we live more than one life? The answer is yes—and not always in the soul migration sense.

I often refer to my animal training career as “my past life.” I worked at the sea lion show of the San Diego Zoo for eight happy years during my late 20’s and early 30’s. My life was all about animals, training and educating people about the environment. It was so much fun! Really, I look back at the zoo as the best job I ever had, and the award from my peers for Excellence in Training still hangs proudly on my wall, alongside my animal pictures. I was single, young, and I loved my life. I used to say they’d have to pry my cold, dead body out of the zoo to bury it.

So how did I end up as a married nurse in Seattle, with the wildest animals around me a flock of chickens? It’s a little bit like the old me died and a new me was born. 

I hit a rough patch. My grandfather died, an old friend died, and my dog died. I was feeling very alone. Losing my grandfather was not unexpected, but my friend and my dog were taken far too soon. Mike took a turn on his motorcycle too fast, and Pagan had a heart condition I didn’t know about. I started to question my life.

It hit me that my life was my career, and nothing else. Social life? Ha! Flirting with men at dance clubs or the gym led nowhere. Guys were frightened off, uneasy because I went into a cage with wolves and cheetahs every day. Once I literally watched a man’s face turn pale in the dim light of the dance floor when I described how the wolf jumped me one day. It was kind of fun at times to watch them squirm when I described some of the gorier job aspects, but scaring potential dates is a dead end relationship-wise.

I was also broke, and living on my credit cards. Animal training is not exactly a high-paying job, and the cost of living in San Diego kept getting higher and higher. I had the career I’d dreamed of since I was a little girl, but the rest of my life was empty. I knew I was unhappy, but didn’t want to accept it. This is your dream job, your perfect life, I’d tell myself, but it wasn’t true any more.

So the gods pushed me. I had a bad accident on the job: I fell into an empty pool and knocked myself out. I was off work for a month and on light duty for the next six months, which meant I didn’t work an animal that whole time. Which meant I had plenty of time to think. Somewhere in that time, I came to realize that this phase of my life was over and it was time to make a change.

Seattle called. I have always had a love for this city. My brother lived here and, bless him, offered to let me live with him while I changed careers, went back to school and got my nursing degree.

When you’re following the right path, the way will be smooth. I got right into nursing school at time when competition was exceptionally fierce, and graduated near the top of my class with glowing recommendations from my instructors.

Along the way, I also met the love of my life and got married. The perpetually single San Diego girl was married with a new career within three years of moving to Seattle. Talk about a life change!

Oh, it wasn’t easy. Don’t get that idea, but doors opened at the right time, and opportunities rose just when I was strategically positioned to take advantage of them. My greatest gift though, was figuring out how to open those doors and generate those opportunities.

Believe. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and don’t let negative thoughts and self-talk dominate your inner conversations. You can create the reality you want, the life you want to live, but it takes three very important components.

1) You have to know what you want. You have to hold it in your inner vision so clearly, so beautifully that its image is never far from you. You cannot let thoughts of “I can’t” or “It won’t work” whisper in your ear.

2) To know what you want, you have to know yourself. Not just the bright and shiny parts you show the world, but the darker spots you’d rather keep hidden. You have to know them all.

3) Ask the Universe to give it to you. Or God, or Spirit, or whatever resonates with you, in whatever manner you are most comfortable. The trick to this: don’t micromanage the Universe. Ask, but let Spirit do the work of bringing it about. Ask for what you want, but don’t worry about the how. The Universe will reveal that to you.

I know it looks so ridiculously easy, but it works. Remember I said my path to becoming a nurse was smooth? I followed these steps. Now I’m working on moving into my third life: bestselling author. I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way. As before, doors are opening, opportunities are rising. I’ll keep you posted.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to come back for the next post in Sally’s Being Between series.

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9 thoughts on “Serena Dracis: Between Lives? Don’t Micromanage the Universe

  1. Jennette Marie Powell

    Great interview, and what a wonderful way to look at making a big life change! Amazing how things work out for the best when we just let them, isn’t it? Thanks to SJ and Serena for sharing Serena’s story!

  2. jansenschmidt

    That’s a wonderful story, Serena. Sounds like you’ve had two successful and rewarding careers thus far. Not too many people can toot that horn! Congratulations and keep up the dreaming!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. Emma

    It’s the figuring out what I want that’s the hard part. I know I need to sit down and think about this,but for some reason, I keep putting off and plodding along at the same low paying job, living from pay cheque to pay cheque instead of doing something different with my career.

    1. Serena Dracis, Author

      It started for me with, what do I love doing? And going from there. I don’t love my job right now, but I do value it’s positive aspects. I know I could make a ton more money if I could bring myself to going back to working in the ICU, but it’s just not worth it in things that are worth more than money to me. Gives me a chance to be me and not compromise on things like my sanity, my morals.

      Figuring out is the hard part. I remember how trapped I felt in San Diego, not knowing which way to go to get out of my rut. It does get better, Emma!

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  5. Serena Dracis, Author

    Thanks Louise! I cried the whole day my last day on the job, and at my going-away party, one friend told me “I wish you wouldn’t do this! I’ll miss you, but I know you’ll be successful at whatever you do!” I knew I was doing the right thing deep down. Have you heard the song ‘Solsbury Hill’ by Peter Gabriel? That was my theme song for that time of my life, still one of my favorites today.

  6. Louise Behiel

    great interview ladies. Serena, I always wondered why you had left a job you obviously loved and now I know. It’s always interesting to me how we are moved. I often don’t feel I am where I am supposed to be but I have no sense of where I should be moving. I love my writing life but….and I love my work, but…..So I stay doing what I’m doing but always with the feeling that something else is out there but I haven’t visualized it yet. thanks for a great post.

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