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Yes, these last couple of days have been about a tooth. Nothing like visiting the dentist for a regular checkup and being told you need a crown. Immediately. So I got one. That was yesterday.

Not that this was unexpected. And my dentist is excellent. But having even an excellent dentist hammering away in your jaw for an hour could ruin your day, or your next couple of days. And that adrenaline rush that comes with the local anesthesia? I crash every time.

Lucky for me my goals were set up a couple of weeks ago. They’re just about habits by now, and I sure needed my new habits. No stressing about what to do next—I just look at the list. 1) Health: Seems like I’m settling into a pattern of sleep and activity. Not at exact times like a train schedule, but… hey, maybe it is like a train schedule! The train’s never really on time, but it stops at all the stations. [Real: Health: sleep (lights out at 10:30 p.m.), move (get up from desk every hour, spend 20 minutes outside).]

2) Work: I start promptly and then I walk away. No more work from can-see to can’t-see. And things get done. [Real: Work only 8 a.m.-5 p.m., no evenings or weekends. Fantasy: Maintain job quality and make deadlines without stress.]

3) Writing: I’m just… I’m just, like, doin’ it, man. [Real: Add 250 words/day to equal 20,000 words by 80 days. Fantasy: Add 40,000 words.]

4) Epubs: Looks like the next time I have for this will be Sunday morning. Maybe I can at least find a good image for the story cover by then, or finish the formatting. Tomorrow after work? [Real: Clean up & format 1 short story or flash anthology on weekend, create cover & publish. Market when 5 are available. Fantasy: Create 3 anthologies, publish & market. Read THE SHELFLESS BOOK.]

5) Social media: I commented on a couple of other blogs! Breakthrough! (Or not?) [Real: Social media no more than 90 min/day. Be efficient. Fantasy: Post here 1x/wk & ROW80. Comment on blogs. Use other SM.]

7) No, not reading Holly yet. I will. Just finished Colin Falconer‘s BITTER MOON LANE and went right into his AZTEC. Also read Bob Mayer’s Atlantis: Devil’s Sea. Must do reviews for them, and for Alicia Street’s “Snow Dance” and Bob Mayer’s ATLANTIS: BERMUDA TRIANGLE. [Real: Finish reading Lawrence, then Lisle. Fantasy: Finish reading DH Lawrence. Read & do exercises in Holly Lisle‘s updated MUGGING THE MUSE.]

8) Social stuff: It’s too busy around here in April. Probably because that’s when this area has the best weather of the whole year.

  • Friday evening: Dinner and movie in Blanco—that’s a Blanco Library benefit.
  • Saturday morning: Austin RWA minicon with agent Deirdre Knight and author Mari Mancusi.
  • Saturday 12 to 2 (which I probably won’t be home in time for): Grand opening of the new Emergency Services training center.
  • Monday: Back to work to relax a bit. [Real: Fit in fun, ad hoc social/useful things. Fantasy: Get to some Austin RWA meetings. See friends more often. Edit for business.]

8 thoughts on “Mostly tooth

  1. Eden

    Having spent far too much time getting crowns (at 42, I have seven of the beasts, plus am anticipating needing two implants for pulled teeth), I can totally sympathize. Good to hear that you are taking car of yourself though; getting crowns aren’t fun, but you can save your natural roots that way a lot easier (most of my crowns are over healthy roots, just adly chipped teeth).

    As for your goals… WOOOT! And you’re geting out and having some real world connections beyond the “people in the box” (like us). Good for you. I hope you have a great (but busy) time.

    1. SJ Driscoll

      Hi, Eden! I do appreciate dentistry, since I probably wouldn’t have any left without them. But why is is that just when you’re the busiest, something else happens to make you busier?

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