Adjustment and discovery as I begin to work my goals.

Since one of my underlying goals is to become more aware of time but wearing a watch is too galling when I type all day, I spent some time (too much!) looking on line for a device that would chime softly every hour without constant resetting. Ended up ordering an iPod Touch because some apps look like they may help with goals and time management. If not, back it goes.

1) Sleep started off with a major fail. I went to bed at 10:30 on day 1. Spent an hour staring into the dark, got up, read until 2:30 and was up at 5:30. But last night I slept 9 hours. This must be evened out. Got outside for 15 minutes this morning to check and water garden, which should really be listed as a “fun” goal. It’s snake boot time! And there was an 8-inch centipede in the kitchen this morning. [Real goal: Health: sleep (lights out at 10:30 p.m.), move (get up from desk every hour, spend at least 20 minutes outside morning or evening, gardening, walking or looking at forest).

2) I stopped work before 5:30 and finished what I’d planned to do. [Real goal: Work only 8 a.m.-5 p.m., 1 hour for lunch, no evening or weekend work. Fantasy goal: 1) Maintain the quality of my science editing and other job obligations while meeting my deadlines and not stressing out.]

3) I found the manuscript—joy! And on day 1 I made notes on the next scene. Sat down to write yesterday and realized that, though the whole story’s in my head, I forgot where I am in writing it. So tonight I’ll read through how far along it is. I used to write longhand in the morning and type the morning’s work before bed, setting me up for the next day. I’ll get back into that pattern. [Real goal: Write 250 words/day on my current novel, to equal 20,000 words by the end of 80 days. Try lunchtime, before work, after supper—what can be sustained? Fantasy goal: 4) Add 40,000 words to my current novel.]

4) Publishing a short story will be one of the easier goals. I’ll pick one before the weekend. [Real goal: Clean up and format 1 short story or 1 flash anthology/week, create cover and publish to Smashwords/Amazon. Start marketing when 5 are available. Do most of this on  weekends. Fantasy goals: 2) Clean up and format three short story anthologies, create covers and publish them to Amazon and Smashwords. 3) Create and implement marketing for the anthologies. 8) Read and due the exercises in Jen Talty and Bob Mayer‘s THE SHELFLESS BOOK.]

5) Instead of spending a long block of time, I’m putting in a couple of minutes here and there throughout the day, which seems more efficient. Have become much more active on Twitter, particularly using Kristen Lamb’s #MyWANA hashtag. [Real goal: Participate in social media no more than 90 minutes/day, mostly 7:30 a.m. and/or 8:30-10 p.m.—become more efficient at it. Fantasy goals: 12) Post here once a week in addition to the ROW80 posts. 13) Comment on blogs and use other social media more consistently.] 

6) About 80% done with Lawrence. [Real goal: Daily reading: finish Lawrence, then Lisle [Fantasy goals: 14) Finish reading DH Lawrence‘s complete works. 7) Read and do the exercises in Holly Lisle‘s updated MUGGING THE MUSE.

7) Planning to attend Austin RWA meeting on April 10. It should be excellent—Sherry Thomas is going to talk about revisions. I also signed up for the April 21 Austin RWA conference, which features agent Deirdre Knight. The first little editing project has been billed–yeah, that’s “business, not personal,” but it is fun. [Real goals: Fit in fun, ad hoc social but useful/profitable things, i.e., Austin RWA 4/10 and 4/21. Fantasy goals: 9) Get to some Austin RWA meetings. 10) See friends more often. 11) Do the occasional little editing projects a local businessman has asked me to do.]

Time to go!

8 thoughts on “Goals

  1. KM Huber

    So funny: God laughs too much! Ah, it is snake season isn’t it; just watched one the other morning. Really like the way you delineate your goals, always acknowledging their fantasy aspect. For me, it gives a whole new aspect to goals. Thanks!


  2. charismaloy

    Part of ROW80 is to learn what works and what doesn’t for us as individuals right? Sounds like you are rockin’ that!

    Snakes and centipedes huh? Sounds like spring has sprung! My sprinklers will get turned on within the next month, then it’ll be time for me to get outside!

    1. SJ Driscoll

      We don’t have sprinklers but just put in a rainwater cachement system, and now have enough water for the garden for 2 years! And we can drink it—using a filter. Hi!

      1. charismaloy

        NIce! My sprinklers are run off of ditchwater. Non-potable and hell on a paint job, but free! Just gotta wait gor enough snow melt off to fill the ditch!

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