Da Voidick

On Monday I didn’t read. Instead, I carried around a clipboard and wrote longhand a bit at a time. On Tuesday and Wednesday I wrote like “work” and read during the in-between times of my job and meals.

The verdict? Two days with reading and with writing done during a specific period: about 250 words a day. One day without reading and with writing fit in here and there without any special effort: 650 words. That couldn’t be clearer.

So now I know how I should schedule my writing.

Overall, the WIP has grown by more than 4500 words. Not an enormous amount, but more than the zero that went before! If I can stand not reading, I should make some serious progress.

The other goals are doing okay. Sleep, getting outside, socializing… well, more or less. The mulberries, blackberries, squash and tomatoes in the garden seem happy.

About the short story epubs: making covers is very time intensive and epubbing each story individually will take more time than I have. If the stories are going to be epubbed at all, they’d better be anthologized. I made another cover for a different crime story a few weeks before ROW80 began, so I’ll start by epubbing a crime anthology and use that cover for it. That means I have to learn how to do a table of contents. Yee-hah!

7 thoughts on “Da Voidick

  1. lynnkelleyauthor

    I need more time for reading, too. Sounds like you’re making good progress, Sally. I think 4500 words is good. I’d be happy with that. Just not much time for anything since moving and now babysitting full time. I really miss reading all the cool blog posts I used to have time for. You’re so right about the book covers taking up so much time. Let us know when your anthology comes out. And I never did buy your first short story that came out and I wanted to. Can you send me the link or the info on it so I can buy it? When you get a chance. Maybe post it in our Wana1011 thread, and maybe some of the others who missed it before can click on it now!

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  3. SJ Driscoll

    Louise, Margaret and Karen, I think the “secret” is to make writing as normal as eating lunch. To take away the mystique and make it an everyday part of every day. That might be a good way to outsmart the Muse: take away her gauzy robes and golden sandals, and dress her in jeans and flip-flops.

  4. KM Huber

    I, too, have been doing more writing longhand; is there a revolution in the works? I am really not being facetious as my mind-body is preferring it. Certainly, congrats on adding 4500 words to your WIP as that is such boost in itself. As you say, it was zero before. Continued success, Sally.

  5. Margaret

    Interesting you say that Sally, about the longhand and slipping it in rather than working at it – I think I’ll try that. Thanks for sharing your findings.

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