Goal check-in

Just a quick flyover since I’m already going to be late for bed.

These last few days haven’t been bad!

My new iPod Touch was delivered and I found an app that can be set to chime every hour. I used it on Friday and it did help me become more aware of time passing! Now I can also easily record what I eat.

On to my goals:

1) Going to sleep at a reasonable time is becoming more natural. I stayed up past 11:30 only once. I was testing whether a glass of wine with dinner would keep me awake. Looks like it does, since I couldn’t get to sleep after drinking only two ounces! Yesterday I did some heavy gardening and this morning I sat on the back stoop to write, so I have been getting outside more. I’ve also started to use the elliptical a few minutes several times a day. Just not today. [Real goal: Health: sleep (lights out at 10:30 p.m.), move (get up from desk every hour, spend at least 20 minutes outside morning or evening, gardening, walking or looking at forest).

2) I worked until around six only once. Still getting as much done as when I worked longer hours. [Real goal: Work only 8 a.m.-5 p.m., 1 hour for lunch, no evening or weekend work. Fantasy goal: 1) Maintain the quality of my science editing and other job obligations while meeting my deadlines and not stressing out.]

3) Haven’t read the novel manuscript through from the beginning yet, but I started playing with it and realized the characters are much clearer to me than they were before. Also made notes on upcoming scenes and progressed a bit on the scene where I’d left off. And found about ten pages of longhand I hadn’t yet typed in, so the story’s further along than I’d thought. Still will try to finagle so I can write in longhand in the morning—even fifteen minutes would be a good restart of that habit—and type the morning’s work before bed. Did some longhand this morning but typed something else this evening—see goal 4. [Real goal: Write 250 words/day on my current novel, SWEET TEXAS RAIN, to equal 20,000 words by the end of 80 days. Try lunchtime, before work, after supper—what can be sustained? Fantasy goal: 4) Add 40,000 words to my current novel.]

4) I picked three short stories to e-publish, and tonight did a quick edit while typing the first one into a new file. Now it’s ready for formatting and I get to make a cover—fun! [Real goal: Clean up and format 1 short story or 1 flash anthology/week, create cover and publish to Smashwords/Amazon. Start marketing when 5 are available. Do most of this on  weekends. Fantasy goals: 2) Clean up and format three short story anthologies, create covers and publish them to Amazon and Smashwords. 3) Create and implement marketing for the anthologies. 8) Read and due the exercises in Jen Talty and Bob Mayer‘s THE SHELFLESS BOOK.]

5) Didn’t do much on social media today but the iPod Touch helps me look at SM quickly without becoming fascinated by the internet. All in all, the little device seems like a good investment. [Real goal: Participate in social media no more than 90 minutes/day, mostly 7:30 a.m. and/or 8:30-10 p.m.—become more efficient at it. Fantasy goals: 12) Post here once a week in addition to the ROW80 posts. 13) Comment on blogs and use other social media more consistently.] 

6) 91% done with Lawrence. (Can you tell I’m reading on a Kindle?) [Real goal: Daily reading: finish Lawrence, then Lisle [Fantasy goals: 14) Finish reading DH Lawrence‘s complete works. 7) Read and do the exercises in Holly Lisle‘s updated MUGGING THE MUSE.

7) Still plan to get to the Austin RWA meeting on Tuesday, where Sherry Thomas is going to talk about revisions, and still looking forward to the April 21 Austin RWA conference with speaker Deirdre Knight. I also registered for the DFW Writers’ Conference toward the end of May, thanks to Kristen Lamb’s reminders. It should be excellent. [Real goals: Fit in fun, ad hoc social but useful/profitable things, i.e., Austin RWA 4/10 and 4/21. Fantasy goals: 9) Get to some Austin RWA meetings. 10) See friends more often. 11) Do the occasional little editing projects a local businessman has asked me to do.]

Good-night—I’m late!

8 thoughts on “Goal check-in

  1. KM Huber

    Fantastic goals, Sally, and as I have mentioned before (if not, I meant to; yes, my age is showing), I really like your fantasy goal idea.
    As for sleeping and having difficulties for at least twenty years, one thing that never fails me is no matter what time I get to sleep, I get up at the same time every morning. It has obvious drawbacks but it’s what worked for me.


  2. Reetta Raitanen

    You’re doing great. Congratulations. And yay for new iPad turning out to be such a useful device.

    1. SJ Driscoll

      Oh, no, Reetta—it’s not an iPad. No way! Just its baby sibling, a version of the iPod. Way less than half the price and smaller than a cell phone. i, i, i… that does get monotonous.

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