One for Wednesday: Silk Road by Colin Falconer

Colin Falconer: Silk Road1260 AD: Christian Knight Templar Josseran Sarrazini is a man divided in his soul. Haunted by a shameful past, he hopes to find redemption in a dangerous crusade: a journey from Palestine to Xanadu to form a crucial allegiance against the Saracens at the legendary court of Kubilai Khan–the seat of the Mongol Empire.

Instead he finds solace in a warrior-princess from a heathen tribe. Beautiful and ferocious, Khutelun is a Tartar, a nomadic rider of the Mongolian steppe. Although their union is impossible, she finds in Josseran what she cannot find in one of her own.

Parched by desert winds, pursued by Saracen hordes and tormented by a passion he cannot control, Josseran must abandon Khutelun if he is to complete his journey and save his soul. Worse, he must travel with William, a Dominican friar of fearsome zeal who longs for matyrdom, but whose life Josseran is sworn to protect. Worse yet, he will arrive in Xanadu just as the greatest empire in human history plunges into civil war.

Winding through the plains of Palestine and over the high mountains of the Hindu Kush, from the empty wastes of the Taklimakan desert to the golden palaces of China, SILK ROAD weaves a spellbinding story of sin, desire, conflict and human frailty onto the vast tapestry of the medieval orient.

Falconer’s novels are “based on dedicated research and a profound knowledge of his subject, stories of passion and human frailty drawn on a vast canvas, about the perennial nature of love and the human spirit.” The Australian

ISBN 9780857891082

Published by Atlantic Books   Corvus Books   Waterstones

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Born in the north of London, Colin Falconer moved to Australia in his twenties. He drove cabs and played guitar in dark bars and rough pubs before joining an advertising agency. He then worked as a television and radio scriptwriter, and as a freelance journalist. Since 1990, he has been a full-time novelist. His work has been translated into seventeen languages.

11 thoughts on “One for Wednesday: Silk Road by Colin Falconer

  1. Patricia

    Ooooh, intrigue and forbidden love! What a compelling combination! Sounds like a really good book Colin. And I love the cover!

    Thanks again for a wonderful feature Sally.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. Karen McFarland

    Uh Sally, I’m writing as fast as I can. LOL! But as you know, this blogging thing does take a bit of time. Thank you for sharing Silk Road. Colin Falconer is a very talented man. 🙂

    1. SJ Driscoll

      We must become more efficient! 🙂
      Blogging takes time, yes, but it’s something that a Writer does these days. Aside from the positive feeling I get from it, blogging brings me closer to achieving my goals.
      I’m looking forward to reading Colin’s book.

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