Maeve Binchy

Maeve Binchy

One of my favorite writers has passed away.

Maeve Binchy made everyday life more fascinating than

Vampires, werewolves and zombies

Interstellar travel

Regency dukes

Lost civilizations

Ménages à trois

Secret societies


Cannibalistic but intellectual mass murderers

Wizards, warriors and witches

Elves, dwarves and dragons.

That’s a lot for one writer to do

In a single lifetime.

Real is better.


8 thoughts on “Maeve Binchy

  1. Patricia O'Dea Rosen (@patodearosen)

    Maeve Binchy was (and her books still are) a favorite of mine, too, Sally. There’s talk of naming a bridge in Dublin for her. Wouldn’t that be fitting? She bridged old and new Ireland, the Irish and Ireland’s immigrant newcomers, Dublin and London, and so many more once daunting divides.

    1. SJ Driscoll

      August, there’s a video in which she talks about her two major pieces of advice for writers: write as though you’re speaking to someone, and write five pages every day. Of course, writing involves much more, but that’s a very good start.
      I didn’t know her eyes were so blue.

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