Lizards, tea and pantslessness

Nothing extraordinary. Top o’ the world and bottom of a pit, as usual. It’s all movin’ along.

Let’s see, did anything interesting happen? A large lizard with a gray and tan diamond-patterned back now lives in the garden. I found him while watering. He tried to convince me he was a piece of rotted wood that got stuck in one of the tomato plants. Didn’t work.

He’s a much larger version of the lizards that live in my plastic garden box. I store some old newspapers in it and the lizards made themselves speckly gray to match the type.

They’re all welcome to stay since they’re carnivorous, not herbivorous. Something else carnivorous was sighted here a while ago: another mountain lion. Stay in the fenced garden, little lizards, and eat bugs.

I now hear Prudence MacLeod reiterating: “Gods, Sally, you have such an interesting life!” But I like being around animals, bugs, plants that don’t have anything to do with civilization. Even the plants I cultivate are starting to seem too much like city dwellers.

1) Health: Not much of a problem with sleeping anymore. The problem is sometimes staying awake. Most of my exercise comes from working in the garden. The plants will survive the summer since we put in the rainwater catchment system—a fancy term for a few gutters on the eaves, six tanks that once held molasses, several feet of PVC pipe and my very useful orange plastic paint buckets.

2) Work: All the editing’s getting done promptly (though some of those basic science articles from overseas wring out my brain) but it still seems impossible to walk away at 5. At least I’m walking away closer to 6 or 7 than 8.

3) Writing: Sitting on the back steps with my clipboard and tea first thing in the morning is becoming a pattern. 750 words today, A thousand’s starting to feel like it may be a comfortable place. I’d always planned to do a short first draft, around 65-70,000 words, and it’s about twenty words away from 30,000. Guess I could’ve gotten there today but anticipation is fun. It really helps to make writing just a normal part of the day. A fun part. My part.

4) Epubs: Have not done more on this at all since deciding to go with the anthology. I have to dig through my files again to find a couple of published stories I want to include. That should take a couple of hours–my files are massive! So far I’ve found everything I don’t need.

5) Social media: Still light on leaving blog comments. But active on FB and Twitter, at least. The blog has been active. Using SM has become natural.

7) Reading: I’m reading Chuck Wendig’s writing stuff now. His first penmonkey book’s the only writing book I’ve read that has anything to do with my life. CW reminds me of my son, who ran away screaming from two solid corporate IT jobs so he could build the back end for app startup companies. He’s on his sixth startup now. He has to be free. And in a pantsless workplace. I guess I’m pantsless, too. Unless you call jeans pants. Hey, I just bought three skirts. That has to count as aspiring to pantslessness.

8) Social stuff:  Not much else going on until DFWCon in a couple of weeks. That’s fine with me.

No pics this time. I’ll try to get a photo of the big lizard. Or the mountain lion. Maybe a photo of a paw print down by the river? If I’m lucky.

5 thoughts on “Lizards, tea and pantslessness

  1. janemp

    Some day I’m going to write the fantasy story about a lizard that I’ve carried around in my brain for 25 years! Thanks for reminding me–however I will never go pantsless! Good to hear about your life. Keep writing.

  2. Karen McFarland

    Oh you are going to have some awesome tasting veggies come this summer Sally! The fruit of your hard work. Just back away from the mountain lion girl! 🙂

  3. lynnkelleyauthor

    I hope that mountain lion keeps its distance. Your garden sounds awesome. Sounds like you’re getting lots of writing done. Good for you, Sally. And sitting on the back steps with a clipboard and tea in the mornings sounds so nice and cozy! Great visual for a story.

  4. gingercalem

    I love reading about our week. We spend our summers in east TN and there are so many cool lizards and other critters that live in the woods, it’s fun to watch them … from the deck … where they won’t ‘get’ me. 🙂

    1. SJ Driscoll

      Ha! Ginger, you gotta get down there amongst the critters.
      My little sister and her husband lived in Tennessee for years. They still have a little place in Gatlinburg. I haven’t been there but it looks like a gorgeous area.

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