Interview: SJ Driscoll « Live Wonderstruck

Interview: SJ Driscoll « Live Wonderstruck.

Today S.M. Hutchins was kind enough to interview me for her Wonderstruck blog. Previous interviewees include writers Carrie Daws and Shay Fabbro.

If the interview were about someone else, I’d think it was excellent. If those accomplishments had been achieved by someone else, I’d be impressed. But this is me, so nothing I do is good enough. Why is that?

Maybe I’d better go back and reread some of Louise Behiel’s series about the coping strategies of children that carry over into adulthood.

Thank you, @smhutchins!

10 thoughts on “Interview: SJ Driscoll « Live Wonderstruck

  1. janemp

    If I didn’t feel neurotic and compulsive and had low self-esteeem before I started writing–well, actually, I did but writing hasn’t improved me.

      1. janemp

        I did try out and forgot the cheer in the middle. I believe that is a greater blow to the ego.

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