Goal fantasies versus realities

ReachIt’s time to separate out my fantasy goals from the goals I can really accomplish.

Not counting spending time with my husband, keeping my new blackberry, fig and mulberry plantings from being overrun by weeds, plotting about finances, and generally keeping up with daily life activities, here’s what I want get done—in my fantasy life:

1) Maintain the quality of my science editing and other job obligations while meeting my deadlines and not stressing out.

2) Clean up and format three short story anthologies, create covers and publish them to Amazon and Smashwords.

3) Create and implement marketing for the anthologies.

4) Add 40,000 words to my current novel.

5) Do a final draft of the 15,000-word paranormal.

6) Finish the first draft of the 15,000-word historical romance.

7) Read and do the exercises in Holly Lisle‘s updated MUGGING THE MUSE.

8) Read and due the exercises in Jen Talty and Bob Mayer‘s THE SHELFLESS BOOK.

9) Get to some Austin RWA meetings.

10) See friends more often.

11) Do the occasional little editing projects a local businessman has asked me to do.

12) Post here once a week.

13) Comment on blogs and use other social media more consistently.

14) Finish reading DH Lawrence‘s complete works.

15) Spend twenty minutes a day brushing up my Spanish.

16) Go to the shooting range once or twice a month.

17) Take better care of my health—for instance, get up from my desk, spend time outside, go to bed before midnight (fail!).

These are all things that have been on my mind for a long time. It’s good that I made this list tonight, because now I have Sunday, the day before ROW80 starts, to sort out what may really be possible.

Real is better.

19 thoughts on “Goal fantasies versus realities

  1. Reetta Raitanen

    Wow, that’s one long list. And you’re juggling three projects at once? :O My hat is off to you if you achieve one fourth of those things in 4 months. Which do you consider your top 3 priorities?

  2. Karen McFarland

    Wow Sally, when you make goals you don’t fool around! You’re an inspiration girl! Welcome to the ROW and look forward to your check-ins. I’ll be here to support you! Go Sally! 🙂

  3. Debra Kristi

    Dang girl! That’s a lot you plan to get done in 80 days. Don’t kill yourself trying. I look forward to seeing how this list progresses and where it finds itself as real meets dream. Like the others said, it’s good to dream. Without our dreams we would never strive for greatness. You are capable of great things Ms. Sally.

  4. Alicia & Roy Street

    Go, Sally! I agree with Prudence. Having been raised in the cynical NE like you, it easy to get so realistic we lose the dreams that motivate us.
    –Alicia (gotta sign as a double, since WP doesn’t like freelance gravatars anymore)

    1. SJ Driscoll

      Yes, it is cynical, isn’t it? Hard to realize that when you grow up there, though. Then it’s just reality. And reality means crush, smash, crunch.

  5. Prudence MacLeod

    Keep it real Sally, but remember to dream too. Sometimes you just have to dream big just to get yourself moving. Whatever you choose, I wish you great success in exceeding every set goal.

  6. charismaloy

    Real is better, but keep a death grip on your fantasy list. It gives you something to aim for with your ROW80 goals. My fantasy includes publishing my first two books but, while I hold tightly to that, reality means that with the busy season, I am only going to push for 1000 words. This is a goal I can meat on my busiest weeks, and I get serious personal props if I go over!! I am trying to give myself lots of chances to succeed and feel good about myself and my writing in a chaotic time when I have little control over anything.

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