Eleven Questions, Illustrated Edition

Prudence MacLeod (the Valkyrie) tagged me in the Eleven Questions game.

Thanks, Prudence!

I have to answer her 11 questions, then think up 11 new questions and invite 11 other people to answer them.

Here are her questions and my answers:

1) What is the greatest thing you’ve found under your sofa cushions? I don’t look. But I did notice that beneath the sofa
is where crickets go to die.
2) Who is your greatest hero? Harriet Tubman, since I was 7.
Second is Roald Amundsen
3) If you went to dinner with your favorite celebrity, what would you order and why? Hmm… don’t think I have a favorite celebrity. But lemon meringue pie is always tempting.
4) What inspired the idea for your current WIP?
The crunchy grass during the last Hill Country drought. 
5) Right handed or left? Right.
6) Laptop or desktop? Both. Plus netbook and Neo2. And notebooks. Lots of notebooks.
7) You wake up in a strange room with a stranger in bed beside you, what’s the first thing you say? “What time is it?”
8) You suddenly discover you have the power of telekinesis, what’s the first thing you do? Make a cup of tea without standing over the kettle until it boils.
9) Who most inspired you to write? Edgar Allan Poe.
10) You get one big do-over in life, what do you change? Ignore everyone who ever told me what to do.
11) Ballet or pro wrestling? How about freerunning/parkour?
Now I get to ask 11 questions of 11 people. First, the questions:
1) Which season, and why?
2) What’s your earliest memory?
3) Cats or dogs? (Birds? Fish?)
4) Tea or coffee?
5) Hogwarts or Rivendell?
6) What’s the top item on your life list?
7) Who would you be if you weren’t yourself?
8) How would your life change if you won the lottery?
9) If you could travel anywhere, where would you go, and why?
10) Which personal adornment (jewelry, tattoo, hair color, favorite clothing) means the most to you, and why?
11) Would you rather travel into space or stay on Earth?
And the victims:
Hope you have fun answering the questions, figuring out your own questions and finding another 11 people to answer them.

14 thoughts on “Eleven Questions, Illustrated Edition

  1. Reetta Raitanen

    Fun answers and I loved the pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing the people play who you tagged.

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  3. Karen McFarland

    Well I have to say Sally that your Eleven questions post is one of the best I’ve seen thus far!

    Great pics with your answers girl! And I love the questions you came up with. And I also love that I am not on your list! LOL!

    I also love your answer to #11! Thanks for playing Sally! 🙂

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