Burning the Script

Guest Post by Kana Tyler
“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” ~ Anna Quindlen

We used to operate within limited lives, my husband and I—limited by the ruts of our career paths, by our addictions, by former spouses, by people’s views of us, by the “scripts” we believed we had to follow…  We both started over three years ago, via the troublesome technique of first destroying everything with our addictions—we met in rehab (proof that God has a sense of humor!) and if our new life and our marriage have a theme, it would be the phrase, “Because we can.”  It’s a joyful ritual of ours, this oft-repeated answer to so many questions.

Why have I covered myself with stories-in-ink? Because I can. Why do we swing-dance fully dressed under the sprinklers in a state park, or put Spam on our pizza, or go fishing in the middle of a weekday, or stop to learn the life-story of a stranger in the produce section?  Because we can.  So please ask me why I would cut loose from the safety of a scheduled work-week and paycheck to WRITE.  Don’t ask because you don’t know the answer; ask because the answer itself is a celebration:  Because I can.

Here’s a question for you (not rhetorical—if you’re reading this, I’d actually be interested in your answer).  Please introduce yourself by completing the following sentence:   “I am a _____.”

And here’s why I’m interested—I’m wondering if most people would automatically fill that blank with a job title.  I’ve certainly done it.  “I’m a school administrator.”  “I’m a restaurant owner.”  But although both of those were things I DID, neither of those phrases express the things I AM.  Sometimes there’s an overlap –“teacher,” for example, describes both a natural inclination and a one-time profession of mine—and I suspect the most fulfilled folks are those with the most intersections between their “I-Am” and their “I-Do” descriptors.

A month ago I was sitting in the entrance booth of a state park, wearing my cute little ranger-hat and pondering how the incoming drivers would answer if I asked each of them fill in the “I-am” blank… So I grabbed my notebook and began to scribble what grew into a two-page list of words that I might use about myself.  “Writer” topped the list. (“List-maker” also made an appearance.)  My husband and I pow-wowed that evening and (because we can) concluded that if I wanted a job description that matched my “I-Am” list, if I wanted to write…  I should.

A month later, I’m writing for an Idaho travel magazine.  I’m picking up freelance jobs.  Last week I was writing about Scuba-diving destinations around the globe (I AM a Research Diver).  This week I’m writing 400-word blurbs about travel destinations for a car rental agency (I AM a Traveler).  They aren’t glamorous gigs, but I just cashed my first-ever paycheck for writing.  And because I’m at the keyboard, I’m also resuming my long-neglected practice of writing for myself.  I’m relishing a life in which I’m not limited to “safe” choices.   Our existence is spicier since we burned the script.

Plus, I love my new commute. 😉

This post first appeared here on September 23, 2011.

8 thoughts on “Burning the Script

  1. Debra Kristi

    I am not trying to sound redundant but…great post Kana! I would say that it makes one think, but several words popped into my head immediately. Do I only get to pick one? LOL

    I am a believer, a mother, a wife and a weaver of stories.

  2. Karen McFarland

    Great post Kana!

    How brave of you and your husband to reinvent the wheel!

    To the answer of your question I would have to say, I am interesting.

    Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts. Look forward to your next post!

  3. Madison Woods

    I am…more than one thing, lol. I’m a writer, but before that I am a dreamer. Then I am a do-er of the things I dream of doing. One day I will be living my dream of doing the things I love full-time, but not yet.

  4. Shannon Esposito

    Very inspiring post Kana! I’m a big believer in the fact that every moment is a choice and we are the designers of our own lives. Good for you and your husband! I am…yes, a writer. The funny thing is, until this year, I would never say that out loud to anyone. The e-book revolution has made me feel in control of my own life in a way that I’m just beginning to appreciate.

    1. Kana Tyler

      Right there with you! Until a couple months ago, I would have felt like a “fraud” if I described myself aloud as a Writer. Now I say it gleefully and shamelessly at every opportunity. 😉

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