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Crossing the chasm from here to there

My initial 17 fantasy goals are now realigned into what I believe can get done during the next 80 days. The original fantasy goals are in italics behind the achievable goals.

1) Health: sleep (lights out at 10:30 p.m.), move (get up from desk every hour, spend at least 20 minutes outside morning or evening, gardening, walking or looking at forest). [17) Take better care of my health—for instance, get up from my desk, spend time outside, go to bed before midnight (fail!).]

2) Work only 8 a.m.-5 p.m., 1 hour for lunch, no evening or weekend work. [1) Maintain the quality of my science editing and other job obligations while meeting my deadlines and not stressing out.]

3) Write 250 words/day on my current novel, Continue reading

Goal fantasies versus realities, part deux: self-sabotage

The extensive list of goals that I posted after midnight this morning has got me thinking.

If all these goals have been on my mind for a long time, what has kept me from finishing them?

I woke up with two answers.

1) Though I can usually tell time without a clock to within a few minutes, I have no sense of how quickly time passes. When I’m engrossed in doing something, whether it’s editing for work or digging a hole in the garden, I’m there in the moment, and the moment extends indefinitely. That’s why I sometimes don’t push away from my job until seven at night, and why I can sit on our back stone wall for an hour, just watching the forest.

2) I have no sense of becoming tired. It’s as though the more tired I get, the more focused I become on the task, so my focus becomes tighter and tighter,  Continue reading

Goal fantasies versus realities

ReachIt’s time to separate out my fantasy goals from the goals I can really accomplish.

Not counting spending time with my husband, keeping my new blackberry, fig and mulberry plantings from being overrun by weeds, plotting about finances, and generally keeping up with daily life activities, here’s what I want get done—in my fantasy life:

1) Maintain the quality of my science editing and other job obligations while meeting my deadlines and not stressing out.

2) Clean up and format three short story anthologies, create covers and publish them to Amazon and Smashwords.

3) Create and implement marketing for the anthologies. Continue reading