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“That’s Amore!” (Not)

The circumstances surrounding the recent disastrous sinking of a cruise ship inspired my husband, Raphael, to write new lyrics to the classic Dean Martin song, “That’s Amore.” If you saw the movie, Moonstruck, you heard Dean Martin sing that song. In case you haven’t heard it, check out this YouTube version.

Warning: In middle school, Raphael had his own reserved desk in detention. He has preserved some of that 14-year-old attitude. Thank goodness.

Sung to the music of “That’s Amore!”

When your boat hits a reef
‘Cause your captain’s in briefs,
That’s our cruise ship.

Parts we should overhaul
But the chief’s a meatball,
That’s a mild slip.

Safety bells tinga linga ling,
O’er the rail you they’ll fling, Continue reading